rgency Alert Service, LLC

Minimizing the time it takes to notify one's family in times of emergencies

All our products contain the words "In Case of Emergency" with a toll-free emergency 800 number, and an ID number.  This will
allow any by-stander or "Good Samaritan" at the place of emergency to be able to call our Family Emergency Call Center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  You'll notice that none of these products have any personal identification, preventing any possibility of ID theft.

There is no need to purchase new products every time your emergency contact list changes.  Just call us and we'll update any changes in our database for you.  This is just one of several other features that set us apart from our competitors!

Each person who enrolls will receive a Clear Label (for your driver's license, State ID card, School ID, etc.) and an Epoxy Coated Metal ID Tag.

Epoxy Coated Metal ID Tag
(Good for Keychains, School Bags, and Sports Bags)
Price: $0.00 (included with membership/renewals)

Clear Label for Driver's License
or state ID's and School ID's
Price: $0.00 (included with membership/renewals)

To order any of the products below, you must be enrolled as a member first. Click here for membership application.

In Case of Emergency ID Card
(Luggage/Sports bag style available also)
Price: $5.00

Silicone ID Wristband
(Good for swimming, or sports events)
Price: $5.00

Tyvek Emergency Wristbands
(Sheet of 17 disposable wristbands-1 day use)
Great for Water parks/Carnivals/Etc.
Price: $7.50 per sheet