rgency Alert Service, LLC

Minimizing the time it takes to notify one's family in times of emergencies

Do you know of anyone who has ever been in a situation where immediate medical attention was needed and they could not speak?  The first number to call is 911.  When the emergency personnel arrive, they immediately begin first-aid. 
During this time, their families and loved ones don't have any clue as to what has happened until the hospital calls them.  This crucial time, unfortunately, may take hours for emergency personnel to search records before a family or contact member is finally reached.  In some cases, it may even take a day or two.

Don't be caught in this situation!
With our "In Case of Emergency" products, you'll
Register you and your family now and have peace of mind knowing that you are all covered!

How does Family Emergency Alert Service work?

1.  An accident happens

2.  Good Samaritan offers assistance and
     calls 911.

3.   He then calls our 24/7 Family Emergency
      Call Center after noticing a bright red In Case of
      Emergency Key Tag (or one of our other "ICE"
      products) with the words "
In Case of Emergency, call
      my family
" on the injured person's backpack.

24/7 Family Emergency Call Center

5.  Through our secure in-house registry, we
     will locate the injured person's family
     and call them immediately.

4.  Our Call Center will ask the caller for the ID
      number located on that In Case of Emergency Key
      Tag (or other related product).