rgency Alert Service, LLC

Minimizing the time it takes to notify one's family in times of emergencies

Enrollment for Traveler Membership: $9.95 per person per month (expires after 30 days)
Enrollment for Individual Membership: $19.95 per person per year
Enrollment for Family Membership: $29.95 per family per year (children 18 years and younger)

There are 2 ways to enroll: On-Line (fast and secure) or Off-Line (see below)

If you prefer to enroll off-line, follow these instructions.
1)  Download and print the application.  (The application is in pdf format)
2)  Fill out the application.
3)  Sign and date the application.
4)  Please enclose your payment via check payable to:   Family Emergency Alert Service, LLC

Please mail the completed application and enclosed check to:

Family Emergency Alert Service, LLC
912 Kaipii St.
Kailua, Hi  96734

  • You may also enroll by calling us at 1-800-781-8409

Upon processing your application, we will send you your Emergency ID products.  With our system, be rest assured that there are no personal identification information on any of our ID tags, Wristbands, and Labels for driver license/ID cards.  No family contact names or phone numbers.  Just the 800 number and an ID number.  Protecting your privacy is our top priority.  We do not sell or exchange any information about our subscribers.

Terms of Agreement and Privacy Statement